The application of traditional abstract painting in new media environments

  • Hesham Maghrabi

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    This thesis presents an investigation into the process of new forms of installation art; an exploration of the shifting of artistic activities from conventional studios and fine artist practices to installation art practices. A combined approach was taken whilst undertaking research by studying literature within the field, engaging with other practicing artists and conducting practical analysis. There is also a discussion of new technology in the field of abstract expressionist painting and a dialogue on the differences between traditional and digital abstract painting with regard to their processes.

    The reflective and issue finding processes undertaken by the researcher in this investigation are discussed in relation to the changes in his practice. The artist’s experimentation with materials and processes and the implications of this as regards the relationship between the artwork and the viewer are also discussed.

    The thesis is divided into seven chapters of text and images with an accompanying DVD including the main abstract new media installation. The first chapter includes an introduction to the research with the methodology applied. The second chapter involves using the computer to produce abstract painting. The third chapter then focuses on the differences between digital and traditional abstract painting. Moving on from this the fourth chapter covers multimedia installation and its associated processes. The fifth chapter deals with the reflections on the practice element of this investigation. The sixth chapter engages with the evaluation of and feedback from the field trip and with notes from artists with regard to practical production. The final chapter draws conclusions from this research with suggestions for further studies.

    This thesis will make the following contributions to knowledge: developing the process of animation from 2D abstract painting to a 3D environment with the inclusion of animation; using new technology as a creative tool to enable artists to gain new insights into creative art practices which provide audiences with new experiences of new and multimedia installation; advancing the creative process of new and multimedia artworks taking account of new techniques relating to the manipulation of viewpoints, picture planes and pigment surface as related to traditional methods of image creation and recording and their new media counterparts.
    Date of Award2007
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • Coventry University
    SponsorsMinistry of Education
    SupervisorJohn Burns (Supervisor) & Jill Journeaux (Supervisor)

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