Peacebuilding for faith-based development organisations
: informing theory and practice

  • Sian Nicholas

    Student thesis: Master's ThesisMaster of Philosophy


    This thesis examines the hypothesis that Faith-Based Development Organisations are best placed to engage with faith actors in post-conflict settings where faith has been a component of the violent conflict, but Faith-Based Development Organisations lack the theoretical perspective to engage in this activity effectively.

    This work undertakes a critical review of current literature with regard to conflict sensitive development activity and how this informs current theory and practice of faith-based engagement in post conflict settings and examines the work of two Faith-Based Organisations working in Acholiland, Northern Uganda with regard to their engagement with faith congregations in a post-conflict setting and in the context of other Faith-Based NGO activity.

    Through the use of field interviews and an analysis of project activities using a faith-focussed questionnaire, peace and conflict impact assessments and most significant change stories this research has posited a theoretical framework for faith-based peacebuilding activity by faith-based development organisations. I then identify how this theoretical framework could be used in practice development for inter-faith and faith-based peacebuilding activities. The research highlights an ethical approach in peacebuilding activities which underpins the importance of partnership, humility and the incorporation of local ‘theories of change’ in project design. The research has implications for international NGOs whether secular or faith-based, and identifies the need of closer partnership working with local NGOs whose personal experience of living and working in a faith context is an under-utilised resource.
    Date of Award2015
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • Coventry University
    SupervisorAlan Hunter (Supervisor) & Marwan Darweish (Supervisor)

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