A framework to support intra-organisational knowledge sharing in HIV/AIDS NGOs in South Africa

  • R. H. Sassman

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    This research captures a detailed exposition of an investigation into knowledge sharing in HIV/AIDS non-government organisations in South Africa. HIV/AIDS is a global challenge and one of the most severe problems facing our world today. South Africa is home to the largest population of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world. Knowledge management, and more specifically knowledge sharing, has been identified as a key area of focus that could be deployed to solve this problem. Despite the large number of NGOs that address HIV/AIDS in South Africa, very little research has focused on understanding this group of organisations. As such, this qualitative research contributed to the literature by examining the context in which South African NGOs work and develop an argument about the factors that influences knowledge sharing in HIV/AIDS NGOs in South Africa.

    A literature review provides an overview of the main contexts in which knowledge sharing has arisen. The literature shows that despite its importance for HIV/AIDS NGOs in South Africa, there is no framework which addresses intra-organisational knowledge in this context. It is an area that has received very little research attention, yet is of increasing importance in the light of the HIV/AIDS crisis in South Africa. This motivated the researcher to formalise, refine and validate a framework to address this issue.

    The research has resulted in a number of contributions to knowledge and benefits for the NGO involved. A key contribution is the development of a knowledge sharing framework that has been evaluated by HIV/AIDS NGO practitioners and internationally recognised knowledge management experts that can be used to support intra-organisational knowledge sharing in HIV/AIDS NGOs in South Africa. This framework consists of the identification of knowledge sharing component drivers required for effective knowledge sharing with the HIV/AIDS NGO and a method for implementation based on a knowledge sharing process. The research has also identified areas where there is a significant scope for further research and investigation.
    Date of Award2014
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • Coventry University
    SupervisorAlexeis Garcia-Perez (Supervisor), Zulf Khan (Supervisor) & Ian Marshall (Supervisor)


    • knowledge sharing
    • South Africa
    • non-government organisations
    • charities
    • knowledge management
    • HIV / AIDS

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