Winners and Losers: Countries are Successful and Why?

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    Combining statistics, sociology, economics, and political science, this book develops a quantitative index of when and why some countries are richer, safer, healthier, better educated, and cleaner. Written as the ultimate fact-check, this book shows that countries with higher levels of taxation, more democracy, social equality and more immigration are more successful than countries that do not have these characteristics.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationLondon
    PublisherPeter Lang
    Number of pages130
    ISBN (Electronic)978-1-80079-407-8
    ISBN (Print)978-1-80079-405-4
    Publication statusPublished - 7 Jun 2021

    Bibliographical note

    Matt Qvortrup (DPhil, Oxon) is Professor of Political Science at Coventry University and Editor-in-Chief of European Political Science Review.


    • Equality and Diversity
    • policy analysis
    • Public good
    • Economics
    • Statistics
    • sociology & social policy


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