What passengers really want: Assessing the value of rail innovation to improve experiences

Luis Oliveira, Claudia Bruen, Stewart Birrell, Rebecca Cain

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Technology has the potential to provide more up-to-date information and customised services to train passengers and therefore improve the rail journey experience. However, there is a lack knowledge about which innovations and services are preferred by the travelling public. The purpose of this study was to understand the value which passengers placed on technological innovations to improve the overall passenger journey experience. A conjoint analysis survey based on the best-worst scale of preference was developed to evaluate how passengers (N = 398) value different system features proposed to improve passenger experience in the UK. Results show that the automatic compensation for delayed or cancelled trains was valued the highest, and the ability to pre-order special services ranked as least value from a set of ten features. Additional results include the segmentation of responses according to passenger type (commuters, business and leisure) and the similarities and differences in responses from the public versus those working directly in the rail industry. The insights gained from this study suggest which features should be prioritised to improve rail passenger journey experiences.
Original languageEnglish
Article number100014
JournalTransportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Early online date6 Jun 2019
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2019
Externally publishedYes


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