Unfinished Business; the politics of 'dissident' Irish republicanism

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    This book provides an analysis of the politics, ideology and strategy of ‘dissident’ Irish republicans. Based on the largest survey of ‘dissidents’ to date, this book offers unprecedented insight into who the ‘dissidents’ are and what they hope to achieve. The ninety interviewees for this book comprise members of ‘dissident’ groups, independents, elected representatives, current prisoners in Maghaberry prison, former senior members of the Provisional Movement and individuals who were active in the republican movement prior to the formation of the Provisionals in 1969. This book provides insight into the Provisional-‘dissident’ divide regarding tactics-versus-principles, a debate which strikes fundamentally to the heart of republicanism. Uniquely, through interviews with key players, this book presents the mainstream Sinn Féin narrative, thus providing an insight into the contested narratives of these two worlds which encompass former comrades. This book locates ‘dissident’ republicanism historically, within the long trajectory of republican struggle, and demonstrates the cyclical nature of key debates within the republican leadership. Personal testimonies of key players demonstrate a nuanced spectrum of opinion on the current armed campaign regarding utility and morality; and republican views are presented on whether or not there should be any republican prisoners at present. Through a unique interview with a spokesperson for the Continuity IRA, this book delves into the psyche of those involved in the armed campaign. Key themes explored throughout the book include-the drawling of the fault lines, the varied strands of ‘dissidence’, ceasefires and decommissioning, the Good Friday Agreement, policing, ‘IRA policing’, legitimacy and mandates.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationManchester
    PublisherManchester University Press
    Number of pages364
    ISBN (Print)0719096987, 978-0719096983
    Publication statusPublished - 17 Jan 2019


    • Ireland
    • Northern Ireland
    • Dissident republicanism
    • Provisional Movement
    • SInn Féin
    • Continuity IRA
    • Irish republicanism
    • Maghaberry prison
    • IRA ceasefires
    • Good Friday Agreement
    • IRA Decommissioning
    • Northern Ireland policing
    • REAL IRA


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