Understanding Diaspora Transnationalism

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Most recently, the surge in immigration and increase in diaspora
investment in the country of origin (COO) have drawn attention to
the concepts of diaspora and transnationalism, two concepts commonly used to describe immigrant settlement in the host countries and
their activity that span across national borders. Diaspora symbolises
someone who has emigrated from his or her COO to another country and has integrated into the new-found country but has no intention of abandoning the COO. Such a person shuttles between host and
home countries for opportunities. Te concept of transnationalism was
coined to give theoretical form to empirical observation that migrants
through their daily activities (social, economic and political) create
activities that cut across national boundaries (Basch et al. 1994; Portes
and Fernández-Kelly 2015).
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Title of host publicationAfrican Diaspora Direct Investment
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Editors Dieu Hack-Polay, Juliana Siwale
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  • diasporaDiaspora
  • Host countryHost Country
  • transnationalismTransnationalism
  • investmentInvestment
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