Understanding collective pride and group identity: New directions in emotion theory, research and practice

Gavin Brent Sullivan (Editor)

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    Collective and group-based pride is currently covered across a number of disciplines including nationalism studies, sociology and social psychology, with little communication between fields. This multidisciplinary collection encourages interdisciplinary research and provides a unique insight into the subject, stemming from a psychological perspective. The collection builds upon insights from collective emotion research to consider the relations between collective pride, shame and guilt as well as emotions of anger, empowerment and defiance. Collective pride is examined in contexts that vary from small groups in relatively peaceful competition to protest movements and large groups in divisive conflicts. In the book collective pride is a complex and positive emotional experience evident in the behaviour of groups, that can lead to negative forms of collective hubris in which other groups are devalued or dominated.

    Emotions of Collective Pride and Group Identity brings together international contributors to discuss the theory, research and practice surrounding collective pride in relation to other emotions and collective, cultural and national identity. Divided into two parts, part one explores the philosophy and theory behind collective pride and its extremes. Part two draws upon the latest quantitative and qualitative empirical research to focus on specific issues, for example, happiness, national pride and the 2010 World Cup. Topics covered include:

    - cultural and national pride and identity

    - positive feelings of unity and solidarity

    - dynamic relationships between collective pride, guilt and shame

    - theories of emotions in ritual, symbolic and affective practices

    - collective pride and collective hubris in organizations

    - perspectives on national events from young people.

    This book will appeal to an interdisciplinary audience in the area of affect studies and emotion research including social psychologists, sociologists, historians and anthropologists.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationLondon
    Number of pages216
    ISBN (Electronic)9781315767680
    ISBN (Print)9780415628952, 9781138702080
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


    • Emotion
    • collective emotions
    • collective hubris
    • collective pride
    • ritual theory
    • Group processes
    • social psychology
    • political psychology
    • social identity
    • emotion theory
    • patriotism
    • nationalism


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