Towards a Final Absolution: A South by South Approach to Trans Resistance from Brazil and the Philippines

Jaya Jacobo, Maria Rafaela Silva

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    A bit more than fifty years ago, two trans women were among those leading a strike in order to resist police abuses in New York City. Since then, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera have been known for inspiring a movement of the gender-diverse community within what was called the Stonewall Uprising. Yet Stonewall was not just a local occurrence, as far as trans communities all over the world are concerned. Johnson’s and Rivera’s acts reverberated beyond New York; their struggles have inspired gender-diverse people globally to take courage in laying the ground for their own revolutions.

    In 1992, the first national meeting of Brazilian trans women and travestis took place in Rio de Janeiro. By the beginning of the 21st century, the Associação Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais (ANTRA) was founded.1 In 2004, a group of trans women in Brazil entered the National Congress building for the first time to reclaim their rights, marking what is called the first Dia da Visibilidade Trans (Trans Visibility Day)in Brazil. A couple of years later, the country also saw the establishment of a couple of other organisations dedicated to the fight for trans rights.

    In 2002, the first organisation of trans women in the Philippines was established by a group of women in Metro Manila who called themselves the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP). Soon after, the Coalition for the Liberation of the Reassigned Sex (COLORS), Gender and Development Advocates (GANDA) Filipinas, the Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP), the Transpinay Association of Antipolo (TAO), and clinics dedicated to and initiated by Filipina trans women like Victoria by Love Yourself and Diossa by Lily were also established in the archipelago.2
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    • Stonewall
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    • trans resistance
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