Threaded Fine

Rosemary Lee (Artist)

    Research output: Practice-Based and Non-textual ResearchPerformance


    Threaded Fine (2020) is an iterative, intergenerational, durational dance work conceived and choreographed by Rosemary Lee, comprising of 24 solos the first danced by the youngest and the last by the oldest of 24 performers.

    The concept was first researched in Circadian (2019) where the solos were performed outdoors on each hour over 24 hours. Threaded Fine (2020) -commissioned by Zfin Malta, Malta’s National Dance Company – was performed indoors and the 24 solos ran continually for 5 hours.

    The solos are accompanied by composer and performer Isaac Lee-Kronick singing and playing harmonium.

    This research marks the return to indoor performance after a decade and revisits and significantly develops my choreographic solo practice working with dancers of all ages as seen in Brink (2001) and Remote Dancing (2005), The research focuses on investigating the adaption of an outdoor work to an indoor work in the round using theatre lighting, and the exploitation of durational repetition and individual expression. The practice of working one to one with non-professionals and professional young dancers was explored throughout the process.

    Threaded Fine aims to use the solo form and repeating structure, to create a ritualistic, intense, durational work. It attempts to reveal personal individuality as well as deepening the connectivity and collectivity present between the dancers themselves and with the audience members.

    The creation of Threaded Fine was researched and documented by Scott Delahaunta and can be seen online

    Research Aims

    1) To generate new insights into the possibilities and methodologies of the shared solo form that can be embodied by highly trained company dancers alongside untrained performers

    2) To understand the potential of adapting the original concept to be responsive to varied contexts, durations and constituencies

    4) to test the potential of developing the audience’s growing familiarity of the structure and music through repetition as a means of deepening their engagement
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2020


    • Dance
    • durational performance
    • intergeneration
    • Repetition
    • ritual
    • collectivity
    • solo


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