Thermophysical behavior of thermal sprayed yttria stabilized zirconia based composite coatings

Subhasisa Nath, Indranil Manna, Abhay K. Jha, S. C. Sharma, Swadesh K. Pratihar, Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar

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    The effective thermal conductivity of a composite coating depends on intrinsic thermal conductivity of the constituent phases, its characteristics (size, shape) and area fraction of porosities. The present study concerns studying the effect of CoNiCrAlY and Al2O3 content on the coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity of the YSZ (YSZ-CoNiCrAlY and YSZ- Al2O3) based composite coatings developed by thermal spray deposition technique. The coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity of the composite coatings were measured by push rod dilatometer and laser flash techniques, respectively, from room temperature to 1000 °C. Variation in density, porosity, coefficient of thermal expansion, and thermal conductivity was observed in the composite coatings with the addition of different volume fraction of CoNiCrAlY and Al2O3 powders in YSZ-CoNiCrAlY and YSZ-Al2O3 composites, respectively. Comparison between the theoretical and experimental thermal conductivities showed a mismatch varying from 4% to 58% for YSZ-CoNiCrAlY composite coatings and from 58% to 80% for YSZ- Al2O3 composite coatings. Model based analyses were used to understand the mechanism of thermal conductivity reduction in the composite coatings. It was concluded that the morphology of porosities varied with composition.

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    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)11204–11217
    Number of pages55
    JournalCeramics International
    Issue number14
    Early online date28 May 2017
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2017


    • Composite coatings
    • Yttria stabilized zirconia
    • Porosity
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion
    • Thermal conductivity


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