The World Lived Here: L8 Part of Culture Shifts Photo-Residency commissioned by Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK. Working with the community of Toxteth, L8 and Granby CLT, hosts of 2015 Turner Prize Winners, Assemble. Resulting exhibition held at Open Eye Gallery (Oct-Dec 2017) Outputs: Exhibition, publication, conference.

Darryl Georgiou, Rebekah Tolley (Artist)

Research output: Practice-Based and Non-textual ResearchExhibition


‘The World Lived Here: L8’ responds to residents’ thoughts, memories, experiences of Liverpool 8 (Toxteth). Identities of ‘cultural memory’ explored via popular media forms, including postcards and radio-plays, as narrative devices. Aim: conduct research, create new links, develop ways to (re)present image/sound-based works; explore collaborative photography, text and audio-visual methods to examine stereotypes of local identities. Outputs connect with ‘here and now’: events, locations; people reflecting on recollections of the past. One recurring theme being, ’how places feel’ (genius loci) and a research question, approaching historical memory to ask: How does the presentation of the past shape the image of the present? Commissioned for Culture Shifts, Open Eye Gallery’s, socially engaged photography programme, embedding photographers within communities across Liverpool City Region; facilitating sharing of personal stories in ways meaningful to groups. Programme impact measured through cross-disciplinary collaboration with partner organisations, including online digital platform, ‘PhotoStories’. Impact: Civil society, Cultural life, Public discourse
Evidence of Impact: Quantative indicators, Critiques or citation in users’ documents, Public Engagement
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2017


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