The Strength of Branding and Positioning in Services

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In a recent article advertising agency boss Stephen King suggested that now is the time to revitalize the marketing of brands for the 1990s, and in particular to develop branding and positioning in services marketing. Argues that King′s comments do not do justice to the majority of marketing departments, especially the growing ranks of services marketers, and that current practice in this area is already well established in its own right. Draws on evidence from services marketing theory and practice to consider whether this area of marketing is any less developed than the marketing of manufactured goods. The initial focus is on the particular characteristics of the services sector and the resulting extension of the traditional marketing mix. For the practitioner, branding and positioning are at the forefront of the consumer offering. The role of branding and positioning in services marketing is, therefore, a key element of the discussion. Is the marketing of services a lower form of the discipline than the marketing of consumer goods or industrial products? Is it reasonable to generalize across all areas of services – a plethora of subsectors?
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