The Richmond Trouser

Ann Elizabeth Muirhead

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    Publication statusPublished - 2010

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    The Richmond Trouser was designed by Muirhead to meet Rackety’s interest in extending their product range to include a trouser for wounded soldiers. The objective was for a smart garment that looked like ‘normal’ military trousers or smart casual wear.
    The design problem was to accommodate the fixators fitted at different points depending on where the leg has been damaged. An innovative design and highly specialized pattern cutting has enabled the inclusion of a flexible zipping expansion system to adapt to individual needs. This enables the product to be mass produced rather than one-off solutions for each case, minimising manufacturing costs and enabling market viability. The trouser cut allows for personnel restricted to sitting for long periods and has an extended fly front.
    Profound leg fractures require fixators (external metal frames that pin bones together) to be worn for several years. Injured personnel have resorted to modifying tracksuits or pillowcases or wearing shorts. The smartness of the design solution is expected to have psychological benefits, which should help speed up the rehabilitation process and return to work. The design also incorporates a silver nano coating to the fabric, for infection prevention.
    The product has a global market as IED injuries to military personnel and civilians are on the increase. The design could be adapted for children and used for cyclists and motorcyclists, whose injuries can also result in the wearing of fixators.
    The design process used data on end user needs from recovering service personnel at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. The Richmond Trouser has been approved by the MOD for wearer trials, a major achievement as clothing is not normally recognized in this way. This project won the Innovation in Development category in the 2010 Lord Stafford Awards.
    Format: Innovative design and highly specialized pattern cutting; silver nano coating to the fabric, for infection prevention.
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