The REPLACE Approach: supporting Communities to end FGM in the EU. Community Handbook

Hazel R. Barrett, Katherine Brown, Yussif Alhassan, David Beecham

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    The REPLACE Approach is an innovative and effective approach to ending FGM in the EU. It was conceived in 2009 and has received two Daphne III action grants (REPLACE1: JLS/2008/DAP3/AG/1193-3DCE03118760084; REPLACE2: JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3273). Together with REPLACE partners and over a period of five years, the REPLACE Approach has been developed, trialled, improved, implemented and evaluated. The REPLACE Approach is presented in this Community Handbook which has been written to give interventionists, community leaders and others working with communities to end FGM, practical guidance on how to implement the REPLACE Approach. It is a stand alone handbook, but those using it may benefit from reading the REPLACE Toolkit (Barrett et al, 2015) which gives more information on the REPLACE Approach with examples and findings from the REPLACE Project.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationCoventry
    PublisherCoventry University
    ISBN (Print)9781846000638
    Publication statusPublished - 2015

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    Project ID: DAPHNE III JUST/2012/DAP/AG/3273


    • FGM
    • African communities
    • EU
    • Europe
    • behaviour change
    • community engagement
    • community-based participatory action research


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