The Nomadic Studio: dream-weaving a proposal for performer training

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This proposal is designed as a ‘dreamcatcher’ – it knits together the ideas of others in order to capture a vision of an actor training regime that supports and develops agency. The aim is to work with, from and through the ideas of others in a spirit of synergy, collaboration and openness. I therefore start by acknowledging and celebrating existing work that has informed this essai: the auto-cours at the Lecoq School in Paris, Olu Taiwo’s concept of the Mobile Studio, Lisa Peck’s work on critical acting pedagogy, the work of the SP Escola de Teatro in Brazil, Rosi Braidotti’s work on nomadic theory, Kristine Landon-Smith’s work on intracultural actor training, Niamh Dowling’s development of a nomadic pedagogy, Claudia Nascimento’s work on the actor as cultural border-crosser and the auto-didactic journeys of many performers who seek out their own training.
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JournalTheatre, Dance and Performance Training
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