The Implications and Barriers Preventing Effective Waste Management in The UK Construction Industry

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The construction industry in every country plays an important role in the development of such a country economically and socially. In the
UK, 400million tonnes of materials are used for construction purposes. Of these 400million tonnes of materials, 100millions tonnes of waste
is produced and 25million tonnes are deposited in landfills, contributing to about 45% of CO2 emissions which then causes the environment
to be harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to uncover the barriers affecting the effectiveness of construction waste management in the UK construction industry which is the aim of this research. To achieve this, this research will adopt the use of the mixed method to research to gather
findings. Quantitatively, the use of a well-structured questionnaire was adopted and qualitatively, an interview survey was adopted. Both were
administered to construction professionals in the west-midlands region of the UK construction industry with above 5 years of experience with
knowledge of waste management. From the findings, it was evident that construction contractors in the UK are not rightly supplied with the
right information about waste management, but this information is readily available. Therefore, it is necessary for the main body of construction
industry professionals to sensitise contractors about how important waste management is as it assists in improving a company’s turnover and
preserving the environment. On the micro level, a proper and proactive approach to planning should be adopted by construction contractors as
poor planning may lead to poor and incompetent managers which leads to poor workmanship and in turn increases waste generated and lastly
poor output of the construction work which then reduces a company’s profit margin.
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Number of pages8
JournalInternational Journal on Engineering Technologies and Informatics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 16 Mar 2023

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