The Effects of Soccer Specific Exercise on Countermovement Jump Performance in Elite Youth Soccer Players

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The aims of the study were to examine the test–retest reliability of force-time (F-T) characteristics and F-T curve waveform of bilateral and unilateral countermovement jumps (CMJ) in elite youth soccer players and to evaluate the effects of competitive match-play on CMJ performance. 16 male youth soccer players completed CMJs on two separate occasions to determine reliability, and immediately pre, post and 48 h following a competitive match. Coefficient of variation (CV%), Intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) and limits of agreement were used to assess reliability of discreate CMJ variables. Single factor repeated measures ANOVA were used to determine the effects of match play. Statistical parametric mapping was used to evaluate the repeatability of the CMJ force-time waveform and the effects of match play. Jump height had limited reliability in all three jumps and only a select few jump specific F-T variables were found to be reliable (CV < 10%, ICC > 0.5). Select variables were reduced immediately post game but recovered 48 h post game. The F-T curve waveform was found to be repeatable but did not differ following match-play. This study suggest that select F-T variables change following match-play and may be suitable tools to allow practitioners to detect decrements in performance. These data may help inform practitioners to use the most appropriate F-T variables to assess fatigue and recovery, with implications for performance and injury risk.
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Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2022

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  • countermovement jump
  • neuromuscular fatigue
  • statistical parametric mapping;
  • youth soccer


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