The Changing Landscape of the Office Interior

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Today’s positive office interior strives for individualism, openness and spatial inclusivity. Workplace environments have changed along with the evolution of business and industry – demand and supply. Today we see open plan, company and product specific, cleverly designed and communicated office and workspaces. Arriving at an innovative, fun, bright, smart and well-organised office as an employee, director, client, supplier, cleaner, caterer or courier should be a welcoming, exciting and memorable experience.
Design can make or break the workplace environment, reputation and productivity. Wellbeing and consequent effort of the people occupying the office space goes naturally hand in hand. Including practical scenarios on a holistic level will lead to an enjoyable, interesting and productive space. Juxtapositions between informal and formal office environments, adventurous spatial topography and spaces within spaces; hubs, pods, pockets, boxes and even sleeping or power napping areas are becoming more and more common.

Original languageKorean
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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