Sustainable Drainage Systems - Features and Designs

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    Features of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) need to be well designed hydraulically in order to function effectively. However, beyond efficient attenuation of the flood peak, individual devices and trains can provide the 'useful and pleasurable spaces' in which the landscape they are designed into is enriched. This chapter demonstrates that a re-identification of water as a desirable and fundamental component of the urban environment is possible. It provides examples of the successful integration of water into the city environs by the suitable design of SUDS. The chapter illustrates one of the many benefits of sustainable drainage, that of providing aesthetically pleasing spaces. The case studies detailed, show the added value of integrating green and hard infrastructure, the way they can be designed together and provide a more sustainable and attractive means of attenuating the storm peak, addressing water quality issues and providing amenity and biodiversity in urban areas.

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    Title of host publicationWater Resources in the Built Environment
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    • Landscape
    • Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS)
    • Urban environment
    • Water quality

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