Supply chain quality management: A structured literature review and research framework

Jiayao Hu, C Braziotis, K. Tan

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Research in recent years has resulted in an accumulation of knowledge about supply chain quality management (SCQM) for both manufacturing and service companies. However, SCQM is a relatively new management philosophy and some of its important issues still remain unclear. Based on the rigorous literature selection, we focused our analysis on 11 ABS 4*, 3*, and 2* journals (49 papers). We classified the literature through clarifying their methodologies, focus of research in terms of industries and geographical area, SCQM factors, SCQM performance indicators, SCQM practices, SCQM results, and limitations. Based on this research approach, we found that even though QM and SC management have been discussed extensively, few studies examined them jointly. Moreover, past studies on SCQM practices have focused on the intra-organizational level. For the studies that focused on the inter-organizational level, they predominantly incorporated the supplier side of the SC and overlooked the customer side of SC. Furthermore, we also found SCQM study on developing countries, the role of which is increasingly important for global SCs, is insufficient. Therefore, we propose a comprehensive SCQM framework that is composed of supplier-side practices, companywide practices, customer-side practices, operational performances, and financial performances. This framework builds a solid foundation for the future empirical study to understand the relationship between SCQM practices and performances. Moreover, the clarified future research opportunities can foster progress towards more integrated SCQM studies, especially in emerging markets. Furthermore, our paper also highlights the best practices and effects of SCQM, which support practitioners to rethink the importance of SCQM in their companies and to direct the application of SCQM.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventThe First World Congress and 2016 Asia Pacific DSI Conference - Peiking University, Beijing, China
Duration: 24 Jul 201627 Jul 2016


ConferenceThe First World Congress and 2016 Asia Pacific DSI Conference


  • Supply chain quality management
  • Literature review
  • Research opportunity


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