Social Psychology

David Myers, Jackie Abell, Fabio Sani

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    Social psychology is one of the most intriguing and captivating areas of psychology, as it has a profound influence on our everyday lives; from our shopping habits to our interactions at a party. Social psychology seeks to answer questions that we think and talk about with each other every day; questions such as:
    Why do some people behave differently when on their own, to when they’re with a group?
    What leads individuals sometimes to hurt and sometimes to help one another?
    Why are we attracted to certain types of people?
    How do some persuade others to do what they want?
    The new edition of Social Psychology has been revised to introduce a more flexible structure for the teaching and studying of social psychology and includes up-to-date, international research in the area. There is an emphasis throughout on the critical evaluation of published research, in order to encourage critical thinking about the various topics. Applied examples across the chapters help to highlight the relevance, and hence the impact, that the theories and methods of this fascinating subject have upon the social world.
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    ISBN (Print)0077152352, 9780077152352
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2014


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