SHOTS IN THE DARK: Flatpack Film Festival/Live Archive/Vivid Projects

George Saxon (Artist), Yasmeen Baig-Clifford (Curator)

Research output: Practice-Based and Non-textual ResearchExhibition


SHOTS IN THE DARK (2018) is commissioned by Vivid Projects and presented as part of Flatpack Film Festival’s Optical Sound strand. Supported by public funding through Arts Council England.

The performance features room height film loops containing carefully orchestrated hand drawn abstract and pictorial symbols and signs in relation to the body, projected towards four performers, who stand in the midst of the audience. The choreographed response of the performers actions in relation to the projected drawings are aligned to the shock of the corresponding optical sounds, that puncture the cinematic darkness. Performers and audience are immersed in an artillery battery of light and sound.
Shots In The Dark, alludes to film memory in relation to the 'shot' as a cinematic term; the camera's relationship to the gun: "loading", "shoot", "shooting" and the choreography of violence.
The motif is also prevalent in a previous work, 'Blissfully Gunned Down'. The film performance work utilises hand drawn images directly onto the 16mm film frame and optical track; a deconstruction of on screen trauma. The coded language of the drawings (a morphology of signs; alignment of visual and audible rhythm) offers up a decoding process, as the projected images are located on the bodies of four dancers who reveal the images as they respond to the optical sound track.

Performers: Charlie Cosson, Courtney Evans, Anuja Damie, Alexis Garner. Production assistant Ryan Sehmar.

Duration approximately 20 minutes
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputScore plus media
Publication statusPublished - 21 Apr 2018
EventFlatpack Film Festival - Birmingham, United Kingdom
Duration: 13 Apr 201822 Apr 2018


  • dance and visual art
  • film, avant-garde
  • Performance


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