Sex-specific effects of small-sided games in basketball on psychometric and physiological markers during Ramadan intermittent fasting: a pilot study

Seifeddine Brini, Abderraouf Ben Abderrahman, Cain C T Clark, Sghaeir Zouita, Anthony C Hackney, Karuppasamy Govindasamy, Urs Granacher, Hassane Zouhal

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    BACKGROUND: We assessed the effects of gender, in association with a four-week small-sided games (SSGs) training program, during Ramadan intermitting fasting (RIF) on changes in psychometric and physiological markers in professional male and female basketball players.

    METHODS: Twenty-four professional basketball players from the first Tunisian (Tunisia) division participated in this study. The players were dichotomized by sex (males [GM = 12]; females [GF = 12]). Both groups completed a 4 weeks SSGs training program with 3 sessions per week. Psychometric (e.g., quality of sleep, fatigue, stress, and delayed onset of muscle soreness [DOMS]) and physiological parameters (e.g., heart rate frequency, blood lactate) were measured during the first week (baseline) and at the end of RIF (post-test).

    RESULTS: Post hoc tests showed a significant increase in stress levels in both groups (GM [- 81.11%; p < 0.001, d = 0.33, small]; GF [- 36,53%; p = 0.001, d = 0.25, small]). Concerning physiological parameters, ANCOVA revealed significantly lower heart rates in favor of GM at post-test (1.70%, d = 0.38, small, p = 0.002).

    CONCLUSIONS: Our results showed that SSGs training at the end of the RIF negatively impacted psychometric parameters of male and female basketball players. It can be concluded that there are sex-mediated effects of training during RIF in basketball players, and this should be considered by researchers and practitioners when programing training during RIF.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number56
    Number of pages9
    JournalBMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 23 May 2021

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