Scrap-tyre-rubber replacement for aggregate and filler in concrete

E. Ganjian, M. Khorami, A.A. Maghsoudi

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    In this research the performance of concrete mixtures incorporating 5%, 7.5% and 10% of discarded tyre rubber as aggregate and cement replacements was investigated. Numerous projects have been conducted on replacement of aggregates by crumb rubbers but scarce data are found on cementitious filler addition in the literature. Hence to examine characteristics of tyre crumb-containing concrete, two sets of concrete specimens were made. In the first set, different percentages by weight of chipped rubber were replaced for coarse aggregates and in the second set scrap-tyre powder was replaced for cement. Selected standard durability and mechanical test were performed and the results were analysed. The mechanical tests included compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength and modulus of elasticity. The durability tests included permeability and water absorption. The results showed that with up to 5% replacement, in each set, no major changes on concrete characteristics would occur, however, with further increase in replacement ratios considerable changes were observed.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1828-1836
    Number of pages9
    JournalConstruction and Building Materials
    Issue number5
    Publication statusPublished - May 2009


    • tyre rubber
    • crumb rubber
    • shredded rubber
    • rubber aggregates
    • tyre-rubber powder
    • rubber-containing concrete
    • rubber concrete
    • concrete durability


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