Revitalising capital project development and execution strategies: Lessons from the energy sector

Edward Ochieng, Andrew Price, Tarila Zuofa, Charles Egbu, Ximing Ruan

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    This study sought to examine project delivery challenges currently being faced by energy clients and to determine how they could achieve value creation through better alignment of project delivery processes. There are important lessons to be learned from the energy sector on how to deal with the unique operational and project challenges. Four exploratory focus groups were held with twenty
    senior project management practitioners, to better understand the greatest needs and project management processes in the energy sector. A formal deductive approach was used to examine and evaluate existing and future energy project delivery processes. From the qualitative data, participants recognised the need to introduce science based project techniques such as system dynamics and
    project predictive analytics in project management processes. Participants further noted that comprehensive innovative project delivery processes and analytical approaches are required to cope
    with the increasing scale and complexity of energy capital projects.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)237-248
    Number of pages11
    JournalProduction Planning & Control: The Management of Operations
    Issue number4
    Early online date2 Nov 2015
    Publication statusPublished - 12 Sept 2016


    • Process modelling
    • energy project delivery
    • capacity planning
    • predictive project analytics
    • system dynamics


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