Religious literacies: The future

M. Francis, A. Dinham

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This chapter draws on themes and strands from all the previous chapters to conclude that the religious literacy idea is pressing but also context-specific. Different cultures, derived from national, institutional and specific sector identities, colour and shape the religious literacy problem, as well as the solutions. It discusses how Religious literacy is to be understood as a stretchy, fluid concept which is variously configured and applied in terms of the context in which it happens. The chapter argues that this is very much how it should be, and as was expected from the settings in which we ourselves have worked to date. But even allowing for the differences in settings and definitions, the chapter suggests that there are also clear areas of overlap, where core distinctions and lessons can be drawn out as to what religious literacy is and how it might be applied.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationReligious Literacy in Policy and Practice
EditorsAdam Dinham, Matthew Francis
PublisherPolicy Press
ISBN (Electronic)978-1447316725
ISBN (Print)978-1447316657, 978-1447316664
Publication statusPublished - 18 Mar 2015
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  • religious literacy
  • definitions
  • concepts
  • religion
  • belief
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