Reducing uncompensable heat stress in a bomb disposal (EOD) suit: A laboratory based assessment.

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Protection against potential blast is essential to the bomb disposal operative. However, the combination of wearing an Explosive Ordanance Disposal (EOD) suit and consequent increased metabolic heat production have a negative effect on heat balance of the body and result in heat storage. During this condition of uncompensable heat stress (UHS), the progression of heat illness, which is associated with significant physical and psychological impairment (Cheung et al., 2000) can be rapid, therefore placing the individual at increased risk. Furthermore, the rate of heating will be augmented during operations in hot compared to temperate environments. Hence approaches to attenuate heat strain have the potential to reduce physiological strain and increase safe operating time. Recent developments in this area include the integration of cooling devices and altered equipment configuration. The direct assessment of physiological measurements in the field is often impractical (Hanson, 1999). However, data acquired from laboratory-based simulations are potentially useful. The current prospective investigation incorporated the development of a laboratorybased protocol to reflect the activities undertaken by EOD personnel; an assessment of the physiological strain associated with EOD activities alongside assessing the effectiveness of a dry ice based cooling device, and a lighter weight trouser designed to optimise thermal comfort in hot conditions.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the 12th International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics
EditorsIgor B. Mekjavic, Stelios N. Kounalakis, Nigel A.S. Taylor
Place of PublicationLjubljana
PublisherBiomed d.o.o
ISBN (Print)978-961-90545-1-2
Publication statusPublished - 2007
Event12th International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics - Piran, Slovenia
Duration: 19 Aug 200724 Aug 2007
Conference number: 12


Conference12th International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics

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