Public Spaces and Urban Scale Projects

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Public spaces and squares have become the connectors of people, services and other everyday essentials. Much is invested into surrounding location, design and amenities. Emphasis is placed on the experience and the different ways that these urban connectors have become social and cultural components in the public realm.
Shopping malls and squares get updated, redesigned or rebuilt all together and new contenders spring up competing with the latest needs and services. With location important for access and adding to the existing landscape, new infrastructure will enable the continued connections not just to the squares and malls, but also between the existing city heritage through the new intersections.
Cities need public spaces and services that fulfill the demanding requirements of its residents and visitors. Essential is also the in-between activity that takes place in the city, the mall and the square. The walk between the school and the river, the journey to meet friends and the place to sit and wait in the mall whilst admiring the landscape beyond are all key factors. With less time and more demanding lifestyles, the architecture and design of new urban projects incorporate exciting and innovative details, providing us with stimulating retail and social experiences.

Original languageKorean
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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