Potentiality Of Emerging Technologies To Minimise Late-Payments Quandary In Construction.

Laura Lazaro Peter Swai, Andrew Arewa

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Statement of the problem: Globally, late payments to contractors remain a persistent issue in the construction industry. Recent studies in UK reveal substantial rise of 27% cases of late-payments; with over £30 billion of unpaid invoices to construction contractors. Rationale: Yet, there is little empirical study concerning the role of emerging digital technologies such as Agresso Unit 4, 5D-BIM and Automated Payment Systems (APS) in alleviating chronic late-payment quandary in the construction industry. The research question: what are the potentiality of emerging technologies in minimising late-payment in the construction industry? Research methods: The study adopts a sequential explanatory type of mixed methods design strategies; in addition to use of five case studies to investigate potentiality of emerging technologies in minimising late-payments. Population sample: Representative population sample that includes digital technology experts and construction professionals in the UK participated in the study; for better understanding of the research problem. Findings: show that implementation of emerging technologies at the right level has potential to significantly minimise late payments menace in the construction industry. In specific terms, emerging technologies have potentials to leverage deep rooted administrative payment glitches, cultural and technical problems associated late-payment problems in construction. Other findings are presented in the conclusion section of the study. The study is part of on-going PhD study that seek to develop of a smart valuation and cash flow systems that will help minimise late-payment predicaments to construction contractors.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationARCOM 2018: 34th Annual Conference – Belfast, UK
Number of pages8
ISBN (Print)978-0-9955463-2-5
Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventARCOM 2018 - Belfast, United Kingdom
Duration: 3 Sept 20185 Sept 2018
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ConferenceARCOM 2018
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  • Emerging Technologies
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