Postcolonial Geopolitics: Reading Contemporary Geopolitics in Maghrebi-French War Films

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This article examines geopolitical responses to postcolonial films on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Maghrebi-French films Days of Glory (French: Indigenes) (2006), Outside the Law (French: Hors la loi) (2010) and Free Men (French: Les hommes libres) (2011) collectively re-tell Algerian histories of resistance and anti-colonialism in the Second World War and the Algerian War of Independence, using Hollywood combat and gangster genre to do so. This paper finds that the specific temporal and spatial narratives of (post)colonial France and Algeria are transformed and read geopolitically as allegories of more familiar conflict, namely the War on Terror, the Arab Spring and Israel-Palestine. Drawing on the fields of postcolonial theory (Said, 1978; Benwell et al, 2012; Jazeel, 2019) and popular geopolitics (Dodds, 2006; Dittmer and Dodds, 2008; Woon, 2014; Thorogood, 2020), the primary contribution of this article is that it extends the scope of popular geopolitics to consider postcolonial film and its reception as a site of geopolitical contestation. In doing so, this article highlights how the reception of ‘foreign-language’ postcolonial stories in the Anglosphere is mediated by popular geopolitical frames of reference, and that the intentions of such films are always dependent on the context of reception and (post)colonial power relations.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusAccepted/In press - 28 Jun 2020


  • postcolonial
  • popular geopolitics
  • cinema
  • maghrebi-french

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