Plating bath and method for depositing a metal layer on a substrate

Andrew J. Cobley (Inventor), Mark J. Kapeckas (Inventor), Erik Reddington (Inventor), Wade Sonnenberg (Inventor), Leon R. Barstad (Inventor), Thomas Buckley (Inventor)

    Research output: Patent


    A metal plating bath and method of plating a metal on a substrate where the metal plating bath contains heteroatom organic compounds that prevent or inhibit the consumption of metal plating bath additives. The metal plating bath additives improve the brightness of plated metal as well as the ductility, micro-throwing power and macro-throwing power of the plating bath. The addition of the additive consumption inhibiting heteroatom organic compounds improves the physical properties of the plated metal as well as the efficiency of the plating process. The heteroatom organic compounds may contain sulfur, oxygen or nitrogen heteroatoms.
    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberJP2014037634A
    IPCC25D 3/02,C25D 3/04,C25D 3/12,C25D 3/22,C25D 3/26,C25D 3/34,C25D 3/38,C25D 3/48,C25D 3/50,C25D 3/56
    Priority date2/10/01
    Filing date18/10/13
    Publication statusPublished - 27 Feb 2014


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