Photomediations: An Open Book. A Europeana Space project publication.

Joanna Zylinska, Jonathan Shaw, Kamila Kuc, Ross Varney, Michael Wamposzyc

Research output: Other contribution


Photomediations: An Open Book redesigns a coffee-table book as an online experience to produce a creative resource that explores the dynamic relationship between photography and other media. Photomediations: An Open Book uses open (libre) content, drawn from various online repositories (Europeana, Wikipedia Commons, Flickr Commons) and tagged with the CC-BY licence and other open licences. In this way, the book showcases the possibility of the creative reuse of image-based digital resources.

Through a comprehensive introduction and four specially commissioned chapters on light, movement, hybridity and networks that include over

200 images, Photomediations: An Open Book tells a unique story about the relationship between photography and other media. The book’s four main chapters are followed by three ‘open’ chapters, which will be populated with further content over the next 18 months. The three open chapters are made up of a social space, an online exhibition and an open reader.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • photography
  • new media and digital media
  • publishing


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