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    PetriLLD is a graphical development environment that allows the user to construct and test control programs for discrete event systems. The graphical language is a simple form of Petri net with some notational changes that allow it to express sensory input. Once the Petri net is designed and tested, it can be output in a number of different forms, including PLC (programmable logic controller) ladder logic diagrams, and various high-level languages including Java and Visual Basic. The main features of this tool are the ability to rapidly construct sophisticated control systems that include a large amount of distributed and concurrent behavior; the ability to compile to both general purpose computer and PLC forms; and the ability to separate the description of the behaviour from the implementation instance. This tutorial is intended to guide the user through their first use of the tool. It has been written with version 1.1 (build 20060917) in mind, so if you have an earlier version, you might like to start by going through the installation section and installing the latest version.
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    • industrial automation control
    • Petri nets
    • programmable logic controller


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