New Heights in Urban Housing

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Whilst the global housing situation is shifting into crisis in many parts of the
world and catching ever more political headlines and debate, more and more
housing projects are sprouting up around us. Extra eyes are watching this
development from architectural, humanitarian and environmental aspects – so
architects and planners have an important role to play in finding a balance
that works on all levels. This is an almost impossible task, and the discussion
will undoubtedly continue. The world’s population is growing faster than ever
before, and there is now, in too many cities, all over the world, a shortage of
land and budgets for building good quality, and the necessary affordable
housing for all. Therefore, architects, designers and planners are even more
scrutinised and results are expected to be high, at all costs and at all levels.
Furthermore, housing has to be appropriate for the location, type of people,
families and generations that require housing, for many years to come.

Moreover, let’s not forget the rising cost of housing; for all involved; the
developer, designer, architect, landowner, local authority or private owners or
social tenants. Therefore an innovative, sustainable approach is a must, as
we see, in different ways; in the projects featured in this essay.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018


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