Museum Spatial Journeys - Experiential journey between Art, Space and Architecture

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Museums attract visitors for a number of reasons. They may be destinations for outings, tourist attractions or for specific themes, exhibitions or events. As cultural and social magnets, museums have an important impact on the local community, culture and economy. Historical, visual art, multimedia, object based art, folklore of fragile maps or textiles narrate that in-between, ephemeral moment that is the journey through the museum. Museums are designed to house a vast array of content. The conditions within which works of art are to be kept are carefully composed. Depending on the stance of the museum; contemporary, historical, educational.. there will be constraints and rules about the layout, lighting and in-between all this, most importantly, the visitor experience. The journey through the space starting from the approach, all the way through the paths, levels, curated exhibits and plinths of artworks through to the exit and beyond. What stays in the memory of the visitor? It is this notion; the journey which will be discussed in this article.
Original languageKorean
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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