Multinational enterprise, corporate responsibility and the Nazi dictatorship: the case of Unilever and Germany in the 1930s

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    JournalContemporary European History
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 2007

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    Aspects of the research for this article were presented to the British International History Group (2003),the Economic History Society (2004), and the Economic & Business Historical Society (2006). The author is grateful for all the comments received, for the invaluable advice offered by Ray Stokes and two anonymous referees and to Ben Wubs for sight of his doctoral thesis, ‘Unilever between Reich and Empire, 1939–1945: International Business and National War Interests’, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, 2006. The author is especially grateful to Unilever plc, Unilever Archives and Records Management, for kind permission to reproduce and cite material held in their care.


    • Nazi
    • Hitler
    • Third Reich
    • business
    • enterprise
    • Uniliever
    • Germany

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