Monitoring accelerations within a vehicle

Louise Malcolm (Inventor), Frances Pike (Inventor), Paul Herriotts (Inventor)

Research output: Patent



The present disclosure relates to monitoring accelerations within a vehicle. In particular, but not exclusively it relates to monitoring accelerations within road vehicles, such as cars.

Aspects of the invention relate to an apparatus, a vehicle and a method.


Many road vehicles, such as cars, have several rows of seats, including a front row where the driver's seat is located. The driving style of a driver can affect the comfort of passengers, and a driver is not always aware of how the passengers experience a journey, particularly those who are seated in a rear seat, for example in a second or third row. A first problem therefore exists of how to enable a driver to become more aware of the rear seated passenger experience.

During a long journey, the driver may periodically feel that it is time for a break. However, because the driver is unaware of how comfortable the rear seated passengers are, he/she may not realize that the passengers may feel the need for a break sooner than the driver. Therefore, a secondary problem is how to enable the driver to become more aware of when rear seated passengers would benefit from a break in a journey.

It is an aim of the present invention to address, at the very least, these two problems.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberGB2548368B
IPCB60W 30/02,B60W 40/08
Priority date15/03/16
Filing date15/03/16
Publication statusPublished - 14 Nov 2018
Externally publishedYes


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  • Monitoring accelerations within a vehicle

    Malcolm, L., Pike, F. & Herriotts, P., 20 Sept 2017, IPC No. B60W 40/08, B60W 30/02, Patent No. GB2548368A, 15 Mar 2016, Priority date 15 Mar 2016, Priority No. GB20160004407.5A

    Research output: Patent

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