Mixing-Demixing Transition in Polymer-Grafted Spherical Nanoparticles

Peter Yatshyshin, Nikolaos Fytas, Panagiotis E. Theodorakis

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    Polymer-grafted nanoparticles can provide property profiles than cannot be obtained individually by polymers or nanoparticles. Here, we have studied the mixing–demixing transition of symmetric copolymer melts of polymer-grafted spherical nanoparticles by means of coarse-grained molecular dynamics
    simulation and a theoretical mean-field model. We find that a larger size of nanoparticles leads to higher stability for given number of grafted chains and chain length reaching a point where demixing is not possible. Most importantly, our results suggest that there is a nontrivial dependence on the grafting
    density in the case of intermediate particle size, where the steric interactions of the core particles are shielded by a growing effective attractive core of the tethered polymer chains. Our study elucidates the phase behaviour of polymer-grafted NPs anticipating that it will open new doors in the understanding
    of these systems with implications in materials science and medicine.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)703-708
    Number of pages6
    JournalSoft Matter
    Issue number3
    Early online date26 Nov 2019
    Publication statusPublished - 22 Jan 2020

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