Methodology for Evaluating Innovative Technologies for Low- Energy Retrofitting of Public Building

Abdullahi Ahmed, Monica Mateo-Garcia, Danny McGough, Mark Gaterell

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There is urgency to transform Europe into a low-carbon economy to reduce the risk of climate change and achieve sustainable energy security. One of the most cost-effective measures to meet energy reduction targets, as clearly specified in the “European Economic Recovery Plan”, is to address performance of existing building stock. Buildings account for about 40% of the EUenergy consumption and one third of the GHG emissions. In particular, the state of the European building stock contains a high improvement potential. REtrofitting Solutions and Services for the enhancement of Energy Efficiency in Public Edification (RESSEEPE) is an EU funded project that focuses on the refurbishment of existing public buildings in three European cities: Coventry (UK), Barcelona (SP) and Skelleftea (SW). The aim of the project is to bring together design and decision making tools and innovative building fabric manufacturers to collaborate and improve building performance through low impact retrofitting interventions to achieve energy reduction in the region of 50%. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the process of low-energy retrofit and the selection and evaluation of low-energy technologies for retrofit. Specifically the paper looks at the decision making procedure to select advanced building technologies for high energy performance retrofitting, using Coventry University estates as a case study. The paper reviews innovative technologies and using analytical methods investigates the benefits of these potential technologies as applied to existing case study buildings within Coventry University. The interconnectivity of these buildings within the urban environment within which they sit is also evaluated.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)166-175
Number of pages10
JournalEnergy Procedia
Publication statusPublished - 30 Mar 2017


European Union Framework 7 research funding scheme


  • Low Energy Retrofitting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Building Envelope
  • Building Performance Modelling
  • Advanced Technology

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