Making Waves whilst creating partnerships: Making Waves whilst creating partnerships: Development of an Asset Based Community Clinic Model for people with COPD

Sophie Krumins, Alan Taylor

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract


This session gives an overview of a collaborative research project which uses a community based model and creative partnerships.
The original project (RIPPLE) applied an asset-based community development approach to improve well-being and reduce high levels of anxiety and social isolation observed in individuals with severe COPD in Coventry. Making Waves (MW) was developed as a spread project, bringing patients with COPD and their carers, clinicians, voluntary and community groups together to establish another six community clinics (across the Midlands and East NHS region). We are evaluating how the project improves the health and well-being of patients with COPD, their self-efficacy and ability to self-manage and the impact of integrated support on individuals with long-term conditions, communities and the healthcare system.
The evaluation aims to explore the feasibility of the MW community clinic model, by exploring the barriers to and enablers of innovation in complex healthcare systems, in inter-agency working and in the NHS. Additionally, we are interested in how innovation spreads and therefore it is important to study the impact of the project. We have developed branding, communications and an impact plan to enable the review of the effectiveness of communication of innovation and improvement within the NHS, in particular, in relation to partnership working.
The project team has communicated to a range of audiences including academics, medical professionals, funders, patients and carers, developing skills to help overcome communication barriers.  Successful partnership working has been essential. External organisations, funders and practitioners are looking forward to learning from this complex, collaborative project.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 16 Jun 2017
EventCoventry University Internal Conference - Coventry, UK, Coventry
Duration: 10 Oct 201010 Oct 2010


ConferenceCoventry University Internal Conference


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