Lower limb skin blood flow and calf volume changes during continuous and intermittent upper body exercise

M. Price, R. Bhogal, C. D. Thake, L. M. Bottoms

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    Purpose: To determine the changes in thigh and calf skin blood flow during continuous and intermittent upper body exercise. Methods: Eight healthy able-bodied males undertook a preliminary incremental arm crank ergometry (ACE) test to volitional exhaustion and two experimental trials. Experimental trials consisted of either 28 min of continuous ACE at 50% peak power (CON) or 28 min intermittent exercise (INT) involving alternating 2 min bouts of ACE at 25% and 75% peak power. Changes in skin blood flow were measured by Laser Doppler techniques. Changes in calf volume were measured by strain gauge plethysmography. Heart rate and expired gas were continuously monitored. Aural and skin temperatures were measured. Results: Calf volume decreased in both trials, decreasing to a greater extent during INT (P<0.05). Changes in skin blood flow of the thigh and calf demonstrated intensity dependent increases during INT whereas a more steady state increase was observed during CON. There were no differences in aural temperature between trials. Calf skin temperature decreased in both trials and to a greater extent during INT. Conclusions: Increases in skin blood flow occur concurrently with a decrease in calf volume. Additionally, changes in skin blood flow appear to change rapidly with changes in exercise intensity.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationRehabilitation
    Subtitle of host publicationMobility, Exercise and Sports. 4th International State-of-the Art Congress
    PublisherIOS Press
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    ISBN (Print)9781607500803
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2010
    Event4th International State-of-the-Art-Congress: 'Rehabilitation: Mobility, Exercise & Sports' - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Duration: 7 Apr 20099 Apr 2009

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    Conference4th International State-of-the-Art-Congress


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