Love builds

Patricia Lund (Other), Aklas Chinere (Other), Mercy Simbi (Producer), Priscilla Sidon (Musician), Edgar Nyirenda (Musician), Massah (The Albino Association of Malawi- TAAM) Bonface (Producer), The Story Workshop (Malawi) (Artist)

    Research output: Practice-Based and Non-textual ResearchDigital or Visual Media


    The myths and beliefs about children with albinism in Malawi and other parts of Africa are challenged in this brief and passionate plea for love, togetherness, inclusion and understanding. Albinism is an inherited condition where there is little pigment produced in the skin, hair and eyes. Madalo is a 9 year old girl with albinism. Her quest for education is challenged when she faces stigma and inadequate support from peers and society. Zgambo, a new teacher at her school, is convinced that teachers, pupils and society can do better to address her needs. He believes LOVE BUILDS.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherThe Story Workshop (Malawi)
    Publication statusPublished - 2013

    Bibliographical note

    A better quality copy of the drama is available from the link given.

    This radio drama was produced as part of The Albinism project in Malawi at Coventry University, UK.
    Contact Dr Patricia Lund
    The Albino Association of Malawi .

    Studio Production- The Story Workshop (Malawi)
    Research & Content Advisors- Dr Patricia Lund (Coventry University, UK) & Bonface Massah (The Albino Association of Malawi- TAAM)
    Creator and Scriptwriter- Edgar Nyirenda
    Sound engineer- Aklas Chinere
    Producer- Mercy Simbi
    Music: YAPIE HARMONIC CREW (Yakobe Kadango, Priscilla Sidon & Edgar Nyirenda).

    This project is generously supported by Sightsavers and Coventry University in the UK and The Albino Association of Malawi (TAAM) in Malawi.

    Thanks to all the actors, families with albinism and others in Malawi who have participated so enthusiastically in the development of this radio drama.

    This drama is dedicated to all the families in Africa with albinism.

    A report is also available on this radio drama, see link below.
    This project is generously supported by Sightsavers and Coventry University in the UK and The Albino Association of Malawi (TAAM) in Malawi.

    Copyright © and Moral Rights are retained by the author(s) and/ or other copyright
    owners. A copy can be downloaded for personal non-commercial research or study,
    without prior permission or charge. The content must not be changed in any way or sold
    commercially in any format or medium.


    • albinism
    • Malawi
    • African radio

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