Longitudinal vehicle dynamics using Simulink/Matlab

P. Shakouri, A. Ordys, M. Askari, Dina Shona Laila

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This paper examines the longitudinal dynamic model of a vehicle with automatic transmission. The modeling has been done in two stages: in the first stage the dynamics of power train consisting of the engine, the torque converter, the gear box, the final drive and the wheels are considered and in the second stage the effects of external forces exerted on the vehicle are added and overall effect is investigated, the external forces included in the model are: aerodynamic drag, gravitational effects, rolling resistance and longitudinal tire effects. The objective of this paper is to present the integrated Simulink model including the dynamic of powertrain and vehicle while considering the effect of the road on the longitudinal performance of the vehicle. Simulations are conducted using a set of traffic scenarios which are likely to occur in reality, the results obtained from the simulated cases and their effects on the performance of the vehicle are examined and reported. The results reported in this paper are part of an ongoing research investigation in the design of adaptive cruise control system.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 4 Apr 2013
EventUKACC International Conference on Control 2010 - Coventry University, Coventry, United Kingdom
Duration: 7 Sep 201010 Sep 2010


ConferenceUKACC International Conference on Control 2010
CountryUnited Kingdom

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  • wheels
  • aerodynamics
  • automobiles
  • control engineering computing
  • digital simulation
  • drag
  • engines
  • gears
  • mathematics computing
  • power transmission (mechanical)
  • tyres
  • vehicle dynamics
  • velocity control
  • adaptive cruise control system design
  • longitudinal vehicle dynamics model
  • Simulink-Matlab
  • automatic transmission
  • power train dynamics
  • engine
  • torque converter
  • gear box
  • final drive
  • external forces
  • aerodynamic drag
  • gravitational effects
  • rolling resistance
  • longitudinal tire effects
  • Brake torque
  • Longitudinal vehicle dynamic
  • Traction force
  • Torque converter
  • Powertrain
  • Automatic transmission

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