Learning object reuse - A four tier model

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Learning object reuse is one of the major aspirations of e-learning specifications such as the shareable content object reference model (SCORM). Much work has gone into the technical framework for ensuring e-learning content is potentially reusable, this paper outlines a four-tier reusability model for making reuse happen in practice within organisations. Key factors affecting the viability of object reuse are the properties of the object itself (structural reuse and contextual reuse); and the organisation's preparedness to undertake learning object reuse (operational reuse and strategic reuse). Structural reusability is a function of how the object has been engineered. Contextual reusability is determined by the applicability of the object to new learning events and factors affecting potential audience size. Operational reusability has dependencies on organisational culture, personnel, procedures and technology. Strategic reusability is a function of organisational strategy that may favour systematic or opportunistic reuse of objects. The four-tier model is designed to aid organisations in evaluating the viability of implementing learning object reuse and determining the potential benefits, so that design for reuse efforts can be prioritised and focussed effectively.

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ConferenceIEE and MOD HFI DTC Symposium on People and Systems - Who are we Designing for
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