Intellectual property in China - misuse and misappropriation

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An ingenious definition of intellectual property (IP) law would intellectual three key factors: trademarks, patents and copyright. These keywords are essential as they give tools for the artist to gain protection for its creation. There Artists can be remunerated for their work, with copyright being the most relevant to the music business.when an artist, such as a songwriter compose a new piece of music, copyright is instantly generated. When the writer's work is recorded, the second copyright is put into place. These two copyrights – the “creation” and the “recording” of the creation are – the exclusive property of the creators or producers and can be exploited in a range of ways such as reproduction, distribution, performance or interpretation. The music industry and folk music are often at odds where the music industry is built on “exploiting” both creation and recording copyrights where the folk music is represented maintain and help to perdure a cultural heritage. The music industry position is often very different from the musicians one, where the artists concerns themselves with misuse culture misappropriation, degradation, exploitation and transculturation.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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