Integrated Plan for the Roma in Catalonia 2017-2020

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    The Government of Catalonia remains committed to public policies that are specific to groups at risk of experiencing social inequalities, such as the Roma, in order to improve their standard of living and ensure they have the same rights as the rest of Catalan society.

    In fact, Catalonia has always been a country at the forefront of the inclusion of the Roma on the political agenda. In 2001 the Parliament of Catalonia announced two major resolutions in support of the Roma. These resolutions enabled us to recognise the identity of the Roma and the value of their culture as well as to draw up the first Integrated Plan for the Roma in Catalonia and its successors.

    To continue meeting the challenge of improving the social impact of our policies, we
    have now specified five core themes that are set out in the introduction to the Plan: 1)
    implementing measures and actions which are directly aimed at improving the social situation of the Roma, especially bearing in mind the data mentioned in this Plan; 2) contextualisation in the European, Spanish and Catalan framework of public policies aimed at the Roma in order to respect and improve lines of political action geared towards the social inclusion of the Roma; 3) consistency with the results of the research with the greatest impact and other successful schemes which are helping to improve the situation of the Roma; 4) involvement of Roma in the design, monitoring and assessment of the Plan; and 5) ongoing partnership and dialogue with the national, regional and local authorities of Catalonia.
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