Insiders or Outsiders? Religion(s), State(s) and Society Propositions for Europe Part II

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This article continues with the exploration begun in Part I (see the previous edition of The Baptist Quarterly) in which the challenges that arise from the interface between the religious communities and traditions of Europe and the states and societies within which these religions are set, are addressed by means of a series of propositions or theses for the future of Europe that are the product of the author's personal,religious, academic, and professional engagements over the past twenty years or so.
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JournalBaptist Quarterly
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2002
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This is part 2 of a paper based on the author's Inaugural Lecture of the same title, as Professor of Inter-Religious Relations at the University of Derby, given on 8 November 2000. The second part appears in the previous edition of The Baptist Quarterly.

It is based on the development of two previous brief conference presentations: the first of these, on: "Jews and Muslims in Europe: Some Propositions and Questions for European States, Societies and Religions", was originally made to a conference on: "From Xenophobia to Tolerance: Jews and Muslims in Europe", organized by Academic Response to Anti-Semitism and Racism in Europe and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Europe, at France-Amerique, 6 Paris, 28-30 October 1995.

A more generalized form of this presentation, entitled, "Religion(s), State and Society: Theses and Propositions for Europe' was prepared for the Council of Europe Seminar on Religion and the Integration of Migrants held at the 8 Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg, 24-26 November 1998.


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