Innovation and the Security of Vulnerable People: State sponsored innovation policy can challenge Human Security and promote exclusion

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    Innovation and change can benefit nation states, propel emerging economies and trickle down to the less developed nations, but both can also leave many people behind, widen levels of disparity and division between stakeholder beneficiaries and those without a stake and add further threat to the security of already vulnerable people.

    More than ever, the well-being of people worldwide depends on our sharing of space, resources, and understanding, in particular in complex contexts. Natural and man-made disasters, violent conflicts, risks to health as well as economic and financial downturn challenge academics and policy-makers, communities and families alike, to become more organised in their understanding of issues that ensure sustainable, healthy and ultimately secure lives.

    This Chapter looks at the relationship between ‘place-based’ innovation, change and/or development and the security of individuals (well-being, social cohesion and social mobility). It examines the notion of inclusive innovation and a new agenda for the insecurity of individuals created by ‘inwardness’ (a resistance to opening and accepting external influence on the development on socio-economics structures and processes) and ‘exclusiveness’ (a failure to develop responsible, accountable and participatory approaches to the promotion of economic growth and change, and an over-dependency on the agency of national governments and international organisations)
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    Title of host publicationInclusive Innovation for Sustainable Deevelopment
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    Publication statusPublished - 2016

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    The product of a research collaboration between Coventry University and Doshisha University, Japan


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