Informatisation in the European Union: A comparison with USA and Japan

H. Atik, Sailesh Tanna

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The term “informatisation” was coined in the sociological literature to represent the developments towards the information society or knowledge based economy. This paper determines, on the basis of a set of informatisation indicators, the extent to which the European Union (EU) countries advanced towards the information society (vis-à-vis USA and Japan) over the period leading to the single market and identifies specific clusters among the EU economies that may be distinguished as homogeneous sub-groupings. We have sought to highlight the spatial “two-tier” nature of the information society and the regional (centre-pheriphery) disparity among the EU economies, revealing the factors, other than economic, which also contributed to the North-South divide pervading the EU.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1999

Bibliographical note

Paper presented at the Business and Economic Society International Conference, 22-26 July, 1999, Las Palmas.


  • informatisation
  • information society
  • European Union
  • cluster analysis


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